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"The Arrow Saver is one of the most amazing bowfishing tools ever invented. I originally got the Arrow Saver thinking it would pay for itself by not losing arrows at $20+ a pop. It soon proved to have much more value than that. I'm an avid bowfisherman and also a guide and tournament bowfisherman. The Arrow Saver is a huge TIME saver! No more breaking off lines, having to try to reach in the water to retrieve your arrow and then having to retie. Now when an arrow is stuck in the bottom, I simply follow the string to the arrow and it pops right out quickly and easily. No more wet sleeves, sore hands and retying. Even on arrows you have no problem reaching, it is so much faster and easier to get your arrow unstuck. The Arrow Saver is a must have for any serious bowfisherman."


-Wayne Claassen

"The Arrow Saver is a great product. You don’t realize how easy, and how much time that it saves until you try it. Many times it has saved arrows from being left in the lake, and I have even been able to retrieve others' arrows that were left behind. I will never go without one in the boat ever again."

-Riley Nieland

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